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Douglas Green, MA, LPC, CSAT

About Brooklyn
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I have been working in the mental health and addiction fields since 2008 helping adolescents, adults, and their families restore and maintain emotional and physical health. While much of my professional experience includes working with addiction, I also have extensive experience working with dual-diagnosis clients whom I have treated for mood disorders (depression, anxiety, etc.) and trauma, as well as family and couples’ issues.

The scope of my experience includes working in a private practice setting, community-based and non-profit organizations, residential treatment facilities, crisis centers, subacute detoxification and rehabilitation, partial hospitalization treatment programs. I hold Masters degree in Community Counseling from the Marymount University in Arlington, VA, and am licensed as a Professional Counselor (LPC) in the state of Virginia as well as a fully Certified CSAT (Certified Sex Addiction Therapist).

I bring a cognitive-behavioral and strength-based philosophy to my work with individuals, couples, families, and in the group therapy setting. My goal is to help guide clients to a healthy recovery that addresses the entire person, not just their diagnosis. In addition, I bring knowledge, years of experience, and a compassionate approach to clients.

About Brooklyn

My goal is to help guide clients toward a healthy recovery addressing the entire person, not just their diagnosis. I bring knowledge, years of experience, and a compassionate approach to all my clients.


Individual Therapy

Psychotherapy is effective in helping people feel better and work more effectively to reach their life goals.

During our lives there are times that we need extra support to get through tough times. By seeking the guidance and coaching of a licensed therapist you can receive incredible value from their training and experience. You also gain access to their significant history in helping people overcome challenges and figuring out sustainable life strategies that work. I will take the time to listen to your thoughts and feelings about your issues and become a trusted confidant that can assist you in finding new solutions to longstanding problems. I help you create a solution focused approach to the issues you face.

Couples & Family Therapy

I help deepen emotional connections, restore trust and communication, and increase safety and love.

Often times, couples wait too long before seeking help. Anger and resentment could be building for years, destroying connection, safety, and love – the foundations of the relationship. Whenever couples find themselves in patterns that they can’t break, therapy can be extremely helpful. I create a conscious partnership focused on valuing and validating each other’s experiences in order to deepen the emotional connection, restore intimacy, and show couples how to become responsive to their partner’s needs and wants.

Group Therapy

I establish an atmosphere of safety and respect for an environment that encourages personal growth.

A therapeutic group encourages its participants to interact freely with other group members and to process various behavioral patterns of its members that may have lead to hurting themselves or others. The group therapy environment provides a safe setting for recognizing such behavioral patterns and learning about alternative ways of treating yourself and others. Moreover, group therapy provides members an opportunity to increase understanding by recognizing similar difficulties faced by other people and their ability to grow past them, thus encouraging the members to work toward achieving their sobriety and other goals.

Sex Addiction Therapy

Using modern tools and assessments, I can help you determine if sex addiction treatment is right for you.

Sex addiction can become a compulsive way of escaping painful emotions. I create a safe and judgement-free space for you to explore and get to the root of your addiction, so that you can be free from the cycle of guilt, shame and self-destruction. I work with clients to devise a comprehensive treatment plan to facilitate a healthy recovery that addresses the whole person.

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